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4 Simple and Proven Tricks to Boost Website Conversions

Omar Thompson

Omar Thompson

This is a guest feature by Omar Thompson, marketing executive at Startup Active.

I’ve been writing articles on digital marketing for over 4 years now and a lot of my articles require a heap of research. To get this, I constantly bash Google with all different types of topics. But something I’ve noticed with my research is that it’s hard to find articles on capturing quality leads when people are on your website.

Don’t get me wrong – if you are looking for an article on how to drive traffic to your website, then you’re in luck. Google is flooded with them. But finding proven techniques on how to turn quality visitors into actual leads when on your website – well that’s a different ball game.

As a digital marketer who has worked with fitness businesses all over the world, I’m confident in my methods of turning website traffic into leads. But don’t worry, I’m not just being a smart ass bragging about my techniques – I’ve worked with businesses who have used these same strategies and seen results. And in this article, I’m going to share them with you.

So, how do you turn visitors into quality leads that engage? Here are my top 4 methods…


The first thing we need to cover is the ‘5 Second Test’ theory. Some of you may have already heard of this test, others may have not. In basic terms, you have just 5 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention.

This all falls down to the attention span of us mere humans – on average, the majority of us make up our mind about a website in just 5 seconds.

Within 5 seconds, your website needs to tell your visitors the following things:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you offer
  3. Why they should care

Three simple things. But making these three points clear within 5 seconds is easier said than done. You wouldn’t believe how many websites don’t pass the 5 second test!

So, how do you ensure your website passes with flying colors? Here are my techniques:

Ensure your headline text is clear and straight to the point of what you offer.

Being clever is cool, but there is a thin line between being clever and confusing. Stick to clarity. If your headline doesn’t explain exactly what you are about, then it needs to be simplified.

Have attention grabbing imagery.

The first thing people see when they visit your website is the imagery. In fact, our brain processes imagery thousands of times faster than text, which means your website imagery must be on point.

Use attention grabbing images in your page headers to instantly grip your visitors. Showcase your product or services in a great fashion, helping visitors visualize what they’ll get from becoming a customer.



I’m sure you agree that running a fitness business is tough – especially capturing new clients. One thing that can hinder sign-ups on your website is your main offer.

If your main offer is something like “Book your fitness class now [at full price],” then it’s more than likely turning people away rather than getting them to opt in.

To resolve this, you need to go down the low-barrier route. You might hate me for saying this, but people just hate to spend money! My method is to run the main offer on your website as something free or just stupidly cheap. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Get your first session for free.
  • Unlimited fitness classes this month for $1!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking – the offer for unlimited fitness classes sounds crazy, right?! – $1!! Surely it’s a typo? It’s not. But bare with me.

If you run group fitness classes, then adding a couple of extra newbies isn’t going to harm your class quality. And if you run awesome classes that get results, then after the first month, it’s likely these people will go ahead and sign up. For a few free classes, you’ve now generated a regular paying customer.

This is much more effective than the boring “Free Consultation” offer. You could end up doing 15 free consultations and getting zero clients. That’s a whole lot of time wasted.

Offering placements in your group classes for dirt cheap will save you time and boost your client base. While we are on the subject – please avoid the “Free Consultation” offer. It’s not only boring and dated, but it doesn’t exactly entice people. Does it entice you?

Avoid this and create a more unique and enticing offer that will make people opt in like crazy!



Simplicity plays a huge role in driving conversions. Let’s face it, nobody likes a ton of confusing steps to opt in. We like it to be easy.

Simplify your forms.

The first thing I recommend is to cut away any unnecessary fat on your form fields. Only ask for the information you definitely need. If you want people to give their name, just ask for their first name rather than two fields for first and surname – simplify.

People tend to be wary when giving out their personal details, especially online. So don’t get too pushy in your forms, otherwise you may scare them away.

Add a subscribe box to your blog posts.

If you’re a regular blogger on your website, then don’t forget to add your main call-to-action to your articles, too. There are a number of ways to do this – two I recommend are with the offer in your sidebar and at the bottom of your article.

The reason for adding these to your blog posts is that a majority of your visitors come to your website via an article, which they searched for in Google or saw on social media. This means that many of your website visitors may not even reach your homepage – if your offer is only on your homepage, then these people won’t see it.

Add your offer to your articles to ensure maximum conversions.



Don’t fill your website with useless clutter. It’s pointless and will only deter visitors from focusing on your main goal – to become a lead. Your website is just like your office desk or your bedroom. Excess clutter in your surroundings have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information.

If you feel that your website is cluttered, remove things that you don’t need and make your signup areas the main focus. Give clear and specific instructions to visitors like ‘complete the form’, ‘sign up now’, ‘fill in to get access to our exclusive content’, ‘subscribe to our blog’, etc.

–  –

Capturing leads from your website is essential for your business. It’s one of the main reasons to have a website in the first place. But maximizing the potential isn’t as easy as it sounds. These methods are the exact same strategies that I give to clients who are in the same position – struggling to get website leads.

Don’t get me wrong, every business is different. But the beauty of these methods is that they work to some degree.