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September Gym Promotion Ideas to Crush It This Fall

August 17, 2022

People working out on a treadmill during a September gym promotion.

Key Takeaways

  • Targeted business strategies help increase your membership base in September
  • Creating a sanctuary fitness calendar attracts new sign-ups by keeping them on track with accountability partners and fitness support
  • Channel the popularity of Black Friday to offer sales discounts, promos, and workout deals to new and existing members

September marks the beginning of a season filled with fun fall festivities such as apple picking, hay rides, and Halloween. It is also a time when people make or renew resolutions in preparation for the upcoming winter months, which means they will likely be looking at gym memberships.

Clients may want to lose a few pounds to fit into their Halloween costume or to get in shape before the food-focused holiday season. Gym owners need to know how to leverage and increase client motivation to sign up for a gym membership in September. 

Offering special promotions and timed sales is a great way to increase gym membership. Your brand will get considerably more visibility without devaluation when you offer strategic fall promotions. Aligning deals and promos with the holidays brings in more clients and, therefore, more revenue. 

Having steady stream of new and repeat clients is possible if you execute your ideas well. Here are some tips on September gym promotion ideas so you can crush it this fall.

Make Targeted Business Strategies

The concept of September gym promotions is not foreign to gym owners, and there is a lot of competition for membership acquisition. Gym-goers get plenty of offers in September, so it is important that you develop your strategies before the beginning of fall. Your promotional schemes should be unique and resonate with the pain points of your target audience. 

You can start out steps ahead from the competition with a solid marketing plan that effectively relates the benefits of your gym. Start sending out e-fliers and targeted ads. Revamp your website to communicate the upcoming fall promotions with banners and countdown sales messages.

Use active lead generation to build an email list. Emails are effective advertising portals to reach new and existing customers. Deliver emails to prospective clients; find a sweet spot, though, as too many emails can be a turnoff. 

Start advertising on the right social platforms. Consider where your prospects spend their time online when choosing the advertising media. Run a few test ads and choose the platforms that give the most visibility. 

Give your ads a boost with videos. Gym advertising has gone beyond text and images because the reality is, videos engage people more. Use the power of TikTok, YouTube, and other video platforms to deliver unique messages about your business. 

Labor Day Sales

Give prospects something to look forward to on Labor Day weekend. Offer discounts and timed sales on membership and exercise packages. Provide discounts on any other merchandise your gym offers, such as gym wear, health snacks, and equipment.

Discounts are effective, especially if specific gym wear or equipment is popular among gym lovers. Study the online personas of people who use gyms to discover what they want and need, and stock up based on the research information to begin adequate promotions.

Don’t forget to incorporate emails and newsletters. Put promotional posts on your social media pages and link them to your newsletters to announce discounts. Include offers such as 20% price off monthly subscriptions or free diet plans.

Gift cards are another great way to attract new clients and give incentives to new and existing customers. Offer gift cards as a bundle when clients purchase merchandise and equipment such as water bottles and gym shoes. Send out online promotional offers about the gift cards and display them in your gym to pique clients’ interest.

Create a Sanctuary Fitness Calendar

A good sanctuary fitness calendar offers clients hardcore Pilates and yoga or meditation. Incorporate a fitness calendar that caters to different fitness levels and workout goals. Your fitness studio promotion for September aims to get more members, so offer a wider variety of workout plans. 

Create weight training plans for clients who want to keep fit by shedding a few extra pounds. Make them feel good with Pilates and cardio exercises. Attract prospects with joint yoga or meditation classes where they have access to support and accountability partners. 

Have designated studio Pilates teachers and times for your September gym promotion to increase visibility. Pilates instructors help beginners navigate their new workout routine and improve the gym experience. Having seasoned instructors increases your members’ motivation and encourages them to become regulars in your gym. 

Black Friday Offers

Offering timed sales is a great way to reap the rewards of one of the most significant annual shopping events. Take your sales to your social media channels. Make videos and creatives about different daily deals. 

Provide discounts and timed price slashes on merchandise and gym equipment. Offer gym bundles at discounted rates. Combination offers such as one free month with an annual subscription or free merchandise for purchasing workout plans are popular offers gym-goers love. 

Another great gym promotion idea for September is to offer worthwhile referral programs. Encourage current subscribers to refer clients by giving a certain discount on their regular membership for new referrals. Provide new subscribers with access to a complete workout package, free trials, or membership at a special price as an incentive. 

Take a shot at other pricing offers, such as giving your clients the option to buy a subscription and pay later. Make the offer available to a certain number of clients to increase the sense of urgency in acting on the deal. Do not forget to include a “pay what you want system. Set the minimum amounts clients can pay for certain products such as equipment and subscriptions.

Offer Free Fitness Bootcamps

Offer free workout sessions with new sign-ups and current clients. Teach them how to use certain equipment during this period to familiarize them with your gym and its benefits. Tap into fitness marketing trends to offer personalized experiences during these bootcamps.

Increase Your Gym’s Membership with Ease

The beginning of fall signals important events and changes, strategic business plans for client acquisition, and ways to increase sales revenue. You can exceed your business expectations for your gym this September with some of these promotional ideas.

At Loud Rumor, our experts take the time to guide you through the process of formulating blueprints to hit your business targets. Let us train you on the best practices to run and maintain your fitness club. Contact us today to learn more about making strategic plans to attract new gym members and crush your sales targets.

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