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creating social content

Creating Social Content that Moves the Needle

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Whether you want to reach private consumers or corporate decision makers, social media is a super important element of a well-rounded marketing plan. So, why is it a continual struggle for marketers and business owners? Because so few social media professionals effectively focus their initiatives on the right audiences and actually track the success of their efforts. Mike CushingMike Cushing is a writer for the Social Media online master’s degree program from the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. He’s an avid writer and always looking for ways to connect with new audiences.

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Having Your Business On Yelp

Pros and Cons to Having Your Business on Yelp

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To Yelp or not to Yelp? That is the question. As a small business owner, you probably already know how important it is to get your company listed in the right online directories. And when it comes to having your business on Yelp, there’s a ton of controversy out there that makes it hard to decide whether or not to get listed. So let’s break it down. Mike ArceMike Arce is the CEO and founder of Loud Rumor, a lead generation company for fitness studios and independent gyms that supports their customers with sales training and techniques to grow and…

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Why Local Businesses Should Do More PR

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Even the most brilliant business ventures won’t be successful if no one knows they exist. For local businesses especially, public relations is the key to spreading a company’s name like wild fire and obtaining the resources to succeed in the long haul. Serendipit ConsultingBased in Phoenix, Serendipit Consulting is a full-service marketing, public relations, digital and creative firm that caters to brands and companies in lifestyle, health and fitness, hospitality, residential and commercial real estate, technology and more.

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