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How to Close More of Your Gym’s Facebook Leads (In 4 Easy Steps)

Close Facebook Leads

If you’re familiar with the work we’ve been doing, you’ve probably noticed that our Agency helps get fitness studios a ton of new leads. But, just because you get 200+ Facebook leads in a month doesn’t necessarily mean you get 200+ new members for your studio, right? As the owner of the studio, it’s important to make sure those leads transition into loyal, committed members who pay for your services. Those Facebook leads need to be closed!

That being said, there are a few tricks to get in touch with those people. And of course, get them to come into your fitness studio—at up to an 86% book rate.

Easy Step #1: Close More Facebook Leads by Offering a Great Deal

With Facebook, your fitness studio’s ads show up when your prospects aren’t actively searching for your service. To get them to stop scrolling through their feed and actually click on your ad, the offer has to be really awesome.

best performing fitness studio offers cheat sheet (1)

We’ve noticed that fitness studios offering 1-2 free weeks of classes tend to get fantastic results.

People get to experience your studio and awesome staff before they commit to a membership. And typically, that experience alone makes them ready to become a member (but you still have to sell them).

Here’s an example of what that offer looks like:

BODYBAR Fitness Actual Facebook Ad FREE WEEK Loud Rumor Mike Arce Marketing Advertising Facebook Leads

That being said, some fitness studio owners are hesitant to use discounts. They’re concerned that it might devalue their services. But to a consumer who’s never heard of a certain fitness studio? It’s really important to just stand out from a competing studio down the street!

Giving away a free week also demonstrates, like a “money-back guarantee,” just how much you stand by your gym’s experience.

So give them a really compelling offer to get them through the door. Then wow their socks off during their first class!

Nail the experience during the free week. Then, implement a sales process to make sure they come back for more.

Easy Step #2: Respond to Facebook Leads Quickly

Time is of the essence when it comes to contacting Facebook leads. When someone fills out a form to redeem the offer they saw in your Facebook ad, they expect a response right away.

90% of Facebook’s 2.7 billion monthly users view the site from a mobile device at least part of the time. Compare that to only 47% logging in. So most of your leads are going to come from people using a smartphone to sign up.

If you call within 5-10 minutes, their phone will probably still be in their hand. But if you don’t…

sales call 5 minutes 900 percent stat

The chances of you ever getting ahold of that lead to book an appointment goes down by 900%.

In order to follow up with Facebook leads and set yourself up for success, don’t be afraid to follow up until they tell you to stop.

Those leads should become a priority. Especially since Facebook ads generate 10X as many form submissions as phone calls. So you need a staff that is capable of following up with every lead right away (within 5-10 minutes).

80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th touch. So if you call once or twice and expect that person to get back to you, it’s not going to happen.

You’re going to be most successful when you catch them at the right time. It may take a few contacts before you find that perfect time.

Of the fitness studios we currently work with, the ones who consistently follow up close a ton more of their Facebook leads than the ones who call just once or twice.

Easy Step #3: Automate Your Responses to Your Facebook Leads

Your follow up process should also include more than phone calls alone. Remember that this is a Facebook offer that someone took the time to redeem and provide their contact info for.

In other words, they want you to reach out to them! But considering we’re all human and incredibly busy, that’s where automation is a life saver.

An automated email system like HubSpot or MailChimp allows you to build multiple email lists. This allows you to tag customers and segment them based on their interest, their stage in your sales process, etc.

When someone fills out a form to claim your fitness studio’s free offer, their contact info is filed under the promotion they chose to claim.

We encourage the gyms we work with to run multiple offers on Facebook at once to test which ones do better.

A CRM like HubSpot has the extra benefit of letting you tag leads based on the offer they chose to redeem. This will help you can keep your members segmented and your emails relevant to what they’re interested in.

So if someone claims a free week of yoga, they’ll be tagged as a yoga member. Then, they’ll be entered into an automated email campaign reminding them to come in for their first yoga class.

Easy Step #4: Use Retargeting to Your Advantage

Place Facebook retargeting pixels on any landing page that your leads see.

This allows you to continuously market to people who click on your Facebook ad. They choose your offer, arrive on your landing page, but don’t fill out the form with their contact info.

Instead (because of the retargeting pixel), once they leave the landing page, they’ll automatically see your Facebook ad again. Only, the Ad will be a slightly different version (which I’ll get into in a bit). This helps recapture people who were once interested in your studio but didn’t actually convert right then and there.

You know these people are interested because they clicked your Facebook ad in the first place. Now it’s about building enough trust for them to sign up. That’s where retargeting comes in!

Your Facebook retargeting ads should look similar to your original ad so they build brand recognition, but change the text or visual up a bit.

So instead of saying, “Hey ladies in Scottsdale … ” you might put, “Are you still interested in … ?”

This reminds them that they were once interested in your killer offer, and helps pull them back onto your beautifully branded landing page to sign up.

You can even give them a little nudge with phrases that add urgency like “About to expire,” “Ending soon,” and “Call now.”

If you do all of these things, you set yourself up for success to close more and more Facebook leads. And if you want even more tips for closing your fitness leads, watch my full 7-Step Sales Training for Fitness Studios.

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