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The Best Gym Marketing Strategies to Stay Ahead of Competitors

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Table of Contents

Gym Marketing Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Key Takeaways:

  • Offer free trial memberships and create a referral program
  • Host special events 
  • Give back to the community 
  • Offer incentives to current members
  • Use social media wisely

Are you having issues staying ahead of your competition in the fitness business? Do you struggle with showcasing the benefits your gym has to offer? Having unique and creative gym marketing strategies that target prospects can set you apart. 

Getting ahead of your competition as a gym owner requires strategic ideas that increase your brand’s allure and popularity among members and non-members alike. 

Staying ahead of your competition can be difficult, considering the number of gyms and fitness studios available. You need regular, effective gym marketing that drives up new enrollment.

A gym marketing strategy increases your business’s visibility and brand authority and provides the best opportunity for increasing revenue. Use the following gym marketing ideas to ramp up your fitness outfit.

Offer Free Trial Membership 

Trial memberships give potential members a feel of what your gym offers without initial monetary commitment. It creates trust and sells your gym as the people’s choice among other fitness businesses in the same area.

Include a variety of workout routines in the trial to increase the chance of prospects becoming regular clients. This helps them learn how to use your gym’s equipment and decide if the atmosphere and offerings are a good fit for them. 

Create a Referral Program 

Include a referral program in your strategy to get even more new client sign-ups. Giving current members rewards for bringing in new sign-ups during referral programs encourages them to remain loyal members of your gym. A good referral that benefits both current and prospective members includes the following:

Incentives for Current Members

Reward members for referring new clients to your gym. Consider giving incentives such as free workout sessions, cash rewards, membership discounts, and free merchandise. Rewarding your new sign-ups in addition to providing those extra incentives to current members is a terrific marketing strategy.

A Reward Network

A reward network increases the benefits your clients get from being a member of your gym. You are creating a successful fitness network where members get support and have fun working out with accountability partners. A reward network gives you access to customer reviews that help you stay ahead of the competition by improving your services.

Host Special Events

Hosting special events builds relationships with prospects and increases your gym’s popularity. It also improves your brand’s identity by creating fun, relevant events for members. Activities can include:

Fitness Challenges

Incorporating fitness challenges into your gym marketing strategy gives prospects a reason to sign up. Align these challenges to seasons when people are looking for fitness programs the most. People tend to make resolutions to look their best for summer during winter months, for example.

Consider running a six-week cardio challenge to attract weight loss enthusiasts. Another idea is to start an eight-week body-building challenge for men with low muscle mass. Your options are almost limitless.

During the challenge, provide members with accountability partners, guidance, group support, and motivation. This gives them more reason to participate in the challenge and to sign up for one of your gym’s membership plans. 

Make the challenge a customized gym tradition to increase your brand’s authority and give the challenge a name to personalize this idea. Increase the value offering and allure of the program by making merchandise and branded fitness products. 

Printing your gym name and logo on the merch is an advertising medium that quickly brings in new customers. Don’t forget to give out free merchandise as prizes for members who reach their fitness goals during the challenge. 

Advertise the fitness challenge using social media channels, especially YouTube so that prospects can watch the promotion clips. 

A Costume or Photo Contest

Costume contests and photo contests provide clients with fun ways to interact with your business and increase your brand’s authority among other fitness brands. 

Get people to participate in these events via word-of-mouth, e-fliers, targeted ads, and website banners. Select a date, time, and prize for winners to increase their interest in becoming full-time members, if they aren’t already.

Click the button below to get a free list of events your gym can host or participate in throughout the year!

Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community shows commitment and helps your business stand out as a leading fitness brand. Here are some ideas to test:

Organize a Food Drive

Have a local food drive to give out food and educate people on the benefits of eating healthy. Partner with a local grocery or health food store so you have access to more food available to donate. 

Organizing a food drive helps your brand stand out, and giving out other gym merchandise such as clothes or water bottles can make a huge difference in this gym marketing strategy.

Organize a Clothing Drive

Sponsor local youth sports teams and give out free merchandise and gym wear to cheer them on during events. 

Organizing a clothing drive boosts your gym’s favorability and could be run at the same time and location as a blood drive, increasing both your gym’s visibility and the good works you can do for your community.  

Start a Blood Drive at Your Gym Locations

Encourage members to donate blood to area hospitals in addition to organizing your own blood drive. Make them interested in donating blood by giving them incentives like free merchandise.

Offer Incentives to Current Gym Members

Appreciating your gym members helps to build their trust in your fitness club. Customers will remain loyal to your gym and invite people to join when regular member incentives are offered. It also encourages members from other gyms to want to switch over to yours. Such incentives include:

Subscription Discounts

Give subscription discounts on annual and monthly plans. Make them interested in buying a membership by offering one-off packages, such as giving members a free month on every yearly subscription. 

Merchandise and Equipment Deals

Offer deals on gym products such as equipment, meal plans, gym wear, merchandise, and sports drinks. This increases your brand’s credibility and encourages clients to retain their memberships.

Member Features

Feature a member on your website each week to show your appreciation of your clients and their commitment to your brand. This gym marketing strategy helps to advertise your brand further and increases the favorability of your gym.

Personalized Incentives

Give out other incentives such as personalized fitness emails and workout advice. Incentives help your clients feel comfortable with your brand, which allows you to get feedback from which to formulate new strategies or revamp existing strategies to beat your competition.

Use Social Media Wisely

Intriguing social media copy helps you get the visibility your gym needs by targeting a wider audience. Social media copies create visibility by addressing prospects’ pain points, giving your brand more authority. 

Running ad campaigns during a specific period such as Veteran’s Day or Black Friday is an effective gym marketing strategy. Use YouTube and other video marketing sites to create messages to convey your brand’s promotional message through catchy targeted videos. 

Keep Your Business Running with CrossFit Gym Marketing Ideas

Staying ahead of your competitors requires well-rounded marketing strategies. Managing a gym leaves little time to conduct market research and promote your business, which is why you need to find stress-free ways to market your fitness studio effectively.

Your business increases with top-notch lead acquisition, ad management, and fitness marketing. Regularly training your staff so they’re always up on your strategies and offerings keeps you ahead of competitors by further improving your services. 

We specialize in helping you learn more about your growing fitness business at Loud Rumor. Our experts teach you how to increase your memberships and successfully run your gym. Schedule a free call so we can learn more about your business!

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