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How a Barre Studio Signed 150+ New Paying Members in 5 Months

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

Imagine that you’re about to open a boutique fitness studio for the first time. One of your many concerns — aside from finding the right instructors, creating a great workout atmosphere, etc. — is finding customers.

Now, with that same scenario, picture this. Just 6 months after you officially open, you’ve already got over 150 paying members.

That’s exactly what happened for Kristin Crawford, owner of Love Barre in Round Rock, TX. She crossed paths with us in November 2016 and ever since then her fitness studio hasn’t just grown … it’s exploded. And we couldn’t be happier to be right there with her!

“I truly believe that had I not worked with Loud Rumor, I wouldn’t have ⅓ of the people that I have today,” Kristin told us when we sat down to talk about her results.

So let’s dive into Kristin’s campaign to see what’s at work here …

The Offer

Love Barre wanted to be sure they had plenty of students in class on Day 1, so they started advertising introductory offers on Facebook a month before they opened. Their pre-sales campaign did great.

They offered first-time visitors 5 Sessions for $99. Students felt safe taking a risk on a new studio because they were only locked in for 5 classes, while the paid offer allowed Kristin and her team to start turning a profit immediately.

Over the months of November and the first half of December, this offer generated 143 leads with a CPL (cost per lead) of$3.37. Here’s what that ad looked like:

Love Barre Presale ad

But the new year brought a shift in strategy. Fitness studios typically see a 33%-50% increase in usage in January, so Kristin decided to really capitalize on that opportunity and advertise 1 free week for new visitors. This helped get more people into the studio so that she and her team could show them how great Love Barre is.

The first month of running that offer, it brought in 411 leads with a CPL of $1.18. Here’s what that free week ad looked like on Facebook:

But the really awesome thing is that unlike other fitness studios, Love Barre’s lead flow didn’t slow down after January. 80% of the New Year’s Resolution crowd typically drops off by the second week of February, but Love Barre continued to get a ton of new leads.

From February 1 to May 23, they got 955 more leads at an average CPL of $2.31.

“For me, I think the biggest ‘aha!’ moment is that I’m still getting these text messages, about 20-30 a day,” Kristin told us.

Let’s dive into texting a little bit more …

Texting Leads

90% of Facebook’s 1.86 billion monthly users access the social media giant from their mobile phones at least part of the time, and 47% access it exclusively through mobile. That means there’s a very good chance that people see your ads — and visit your landing page, and fill out your form — right from their smartphone.

On top of that, people open and read their text messages 98% of the time (email is only 22%).

So a huge part of Kristin’s success hinged on her being able to text leads as they came in.

Once someone clicked either the $99 ad or the free week ad, they were taken to a customized landing page where they then filled out a form to redeem the offer. When someone filled out that form with their name, email and phone number, Kristin and her team automatically received a text message notifying them of the new lead.

This allowed them to follow up within seconds to get the person scheduled for their first visit. Often, they were able to reach the person while they still had their phone in their hands.

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Here’s what Kristin had to say about the campaign so far:
You can watch the full testimonial video here.

Love Barre’s Customer Service

You don’t turn that many leads into paying members so quickly without a great sales process and incredible customer service. Kristin also spent a lot of time building her culture and the experience that every member receives.

Their online reviews are proof. I’m talking 5-star ratings across the board. They have 39 reviews on Facebook with 5 stars, 4 reviews on Google with 5 stars, and yes … 5 stars on Yelp.

This is a HUGE factor in how they’ve been able to sign people so quickly and retain them as well. The lead generation combined with Kristin’s customer service and sales has set them up for a long track of success. Take a look at the comments they’ve already received:

love barre review


love barre review



love barre review


To recap, here are the results Kristin has seen from the campaign over just 5 months:

  • Total leads: 1,504
  • Average CPL: $2.45
  • Total new members: 150+

There’s a lot more that went into this campaign, from a customized video to a week-long email sequence. To learn more about how we get results like these for fitness studios, check out our marketing program Fit FLAVER.