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8 Insane Ways Gyms Are Using ChatGPT and Other AI Tools

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Chat GPT has officially taken the world by storm, and businesses are getting more and more ideas on how to use it to not only save time and money, but to also get better results than ever before.

Gyms in particular have found dozens of really unique and valuable ways to use these tools and in the video below, I actually take you through a LIVE stream on how fitness studios are using Chat GPT and about 8 other AI tools that most people don’t even know exist.

Here’s a list of a few ways gyms can use Chat GPT…

Meal Plans

Yes, you can type up a description of who you need a meal plan for, and if you’re detailed enough, Chat GPT will create a full meal plan for the requested avatar.  

Like all the other prompts, you have to be specific. If you just type “write me a meal plan”, it’s not going to give you the desired result.

However, if you type the below, the results will be outstanding:

“Act as a personal trainer and nutritionist and write a meal plan for a 40 year old male that’s 5’8” tall and weighs 165 lbs. This male has about 18% body fat and wants to get to 10% within 6 months. He currently strength trains 5 days per week for 45 minutes per session, and does 3 thirty minute cardio sessions per week. He doesn’t want any dairy included, and the meals to be quick, easy to make, and few ingredients per meal. Please include portion amounts for each meal. He prefers to have 3 meals per day with 2 snacks in between if possible.”

That level of detail will likely give you the exact answer you’re looking for. And if it doesn’t, you can ask Chat GPT to adjust the same way you’d ask your trainer.

For example, if the meal plan includes fish and you don’t like fish, you can say, “That’s good, but please rewrite the plan without any type of fish or seafood.”

Grocery List

While we’re on this topic, you can follow the previous step by then asking Chat GPT, “Write me a grocery list for all the items I’ll need for my new meal plan for the week. Include the amounts I’ll need for each item on the list.”

You can also follow up the reply with “Thank you. Can you please tell me about how much you think that grocery list should cost?It’s not going to give you an exact amount as all stores are different, but it’ll give you a range.

That’s it. You now have a meal plan and grocery list for your member in minutes (like… 3 minutes).

Stretch Programs

You can also create stretch programs for your clients. You can give it a generic prompt such as: 

“Please write a stretch program for me to follow on a daily basis.  I have no injuries and just want a general list of stretches I can do to increase my flexibility. Ideally the routine takes less than 10 minutes per session.”

And you can follow it with…

“That’s good, but my goal is to be able to do the splits.”

Then, your client that’s looking to become the next Jean Claude Van Damme is well on his way.

Video Scripts

You’ve probably been recommended by top marketers to create content – and that’s good advice. Educating your target audience via video content is a fantastic way to brand your business.

The biggest challenge for most gym owners is around the question “what do I say in the videos?”

Another question is “how long should the videos be?”

Well… Chat GPT has this covered too.

First, create a list of all the common questions you get from members throughout the typical month. If you’re like most gyms and fitness studios, some examples may be:

  • How much water should I drink?
  • Are carbs bad?
  • Should I stretch before or after workouts?
  • How much cardio should I do?
  • And probably 50+ other examples like this.

Once you have that list, open up Chat GPT and type “Write a 90-second video script that educates viewers on how much water a person should drink each day.”

Once you get the script back, you can ask it to make adjustments to meet your liking, such as:

  • That’s good, but funnier.
  • Add some stats along with sources.
  • Use an analogy somewhere in the script
  • Etc.

After you’ve done this a few times and received a script to your liking, you can either…

  1. Memorize it and say it (difficult but free)
  2. Buy a camera, tripod, and a teleprompter for your phone or ipad (a little cost, but makes it easy)

Lighting is good, too. Here’s a good lighting solution that’s pretty affordable. 

And once you have your equipment, you can also start filming testimonial videos too! Click the button below to get a free cheatsheet on the perfect testimonial questions!

Sales Scripts

Yes, you can input prompts like:

“Write a voicemail script for a yoga studio named Mike’s Yoga studio that’s enthusiastic and convinces prospect to call back and set up their free week pass.”

“Write a text script for a yoga studio named Mike’s Yoga studio that’s enthusiastic and convinces prospect to call back and set up their free week pass.”

“Write a call script for a yoga studio named Mike’s Yoga studio that’s enthusiastic and convinces prospect to come in to set up their free week pass.”

You can also ask it to write scripts to overcome objections like “I can’t afford it”, “I have to talk to my spouse”, “I need to think about it.”

Price Increases

Yes, you can type a prompt into Chat GPT that says:

“Write a 150 word email for a gym named Mike’s Pilates. The email is to announce a price increase to its existing members. The price is going to increase by $15 per month. I want the readers to be excited about the price increase as it’ll mean the studio can invest in better equipment, people, and programs. Use NLP, be positive, and convince the readers that this is a great thing. The goal is for them to be super supportive of the change.”

Did you notice how detailed I was? That’s important.

If the result you get back isn’t what you’re looking for, just talk to it like you’d talk to a human and make requests, such as…

“Be a little witty.”

One of our Loud Rumor 360 members is a pro at increasing prices at her studio. Listen to her strategy on how she’s able to retain members while increasing pricing.


Did you notice in the previous example, I said “Use NLP?”

Some of you may be wondering what that is. Well it stands for neuro-linguistic programming, and it’s a way to communicate more effectively.

But you can also say things such as “use scarcity” or “use urgency.” See the example below on how to write an ad for Facebook:

“Write copy for a Facebook ad. The ad is for a kickboxing studio called Mike’s Kickboxing. The offer is a free week of classes. The target is men and women between 25 and 55 years old – but don’t mention that. Just use writing that would appeal to that demographic. The studio is located in North Peoria, AZ.  Use NLP, scarcity, and urgency. The goal is to convince the reader to take immediate action on this offer. Provide 3 statistics on kickboxing that would impress the reader. Provide examples of celebrities or athletes that have done kickboxing.”

You can see, I was really detailed in my prompt. This is important to get the best result.

Ultimately, if you don’t get what you want right away, you can always reply back with feedback and requests until you get that ad that you’re looking for.

Read more on how to create a successful ad campaign for your gym, here!


Yep! You guessed it. This blog, although written by me, was proofread and rewritten by Chat GPT.

I personally enjoy writing, however, not everyone does. If that’s the case, you can simply create an audio of you talking about a particular topic, then upload that audio to and get a transcript.

Then, you can take that transcript, upload it to Chat GPT, and type this prompt:

Use the transcript below to create a 500 word blog. Create an appropriate title that’s compelling as well. Make the blog SEO friendly and use keywords such as “kickboxing in Peoria, AZ” and similar. Be funny, but not goofy-funny. Be clever-funny. Be witty. Create a call to action at the end of the blog that encourages readers to take advantage of a free week offer.”

These are just a handful of ways gyms and fitness studios can use AI tools such as Chat GPT. Click the button below for more innovative ways to enhance member experiences, optimize operations, and drive business growth with AI-powered solutions.

And if you’d like to learn more about Loud Rumor, you can jump on a 100% free strategy call with one of our Member Success Consultants.

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