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A/B Testing Your Fitness Studio’s Facebook Ads for Killer Leads

Mike Arce

Mike Arce

At Loud Rumor, we love Facebook advertising. It’s quickly become a #1 way to get our fitness customers tons of leads, which is why it’s a key part of our Fit FLAVER program. Facebook ads are a great way to reach a huge number of ideal customers, but not every ad is a home run. To get the most out of an advertising budget, A/B testing is crucial. This is where we run different ad elements at the same time to figure out which works best and which (for our fitness studios’ sake) get the most and highest converting leads.  Let’s dive in.  

What’s so great about A/B testing anyway?

A/B testing is when we run 2 similar ads simultaneously to analyze which one performs better. It’s how marketers experiment with various aspects of a campaign to find out the best possible way to advertise. A/B testing allows us to compare Facebook ad images, ad text, CTAs, and more.

A/B testing usually starts out as a slightly informed trial and error process, but when done right, it provides valuable data that clarifies where more advertising budget should be spent efficiently — if Ad A is clearly performing much better with your audience than Ad B, then you know to invest more spend in Ad A.

We A/B test ads for every campaign that we run. Here’s what it looks like in practice.In this campaign we tested Ad A (top) against Ad B (bottom) with one audience. The ads’ audience and budget are identical, but the image and Call to Action (CTA) are different. As you can see above, Ad A performed significantly better, with 55 clicks compared to Ad B’s 5 clicks.  

What to Test

Any part of a Facebook ad can be tested. This includes the ad headline, target audience, images, font size, color to the ad copy, etc. An image in Ad A can even be tested against a video in Ad B.

The key is to constantly experiment. Does large text work better with a specific audience than small text? What happens when the background is changed from orange to green? Does the audience respond better to images with many faces or just one? These are all things that A/B testing uncovers.

At Loud Rumor, we start our A/B testing process with different images and CTAs. Here are the 2 ads from the previous example:In these ads we tested both the image used and the CTA. Ad B’s CTA is longer than the one in Ad A, while the image shows only the woman’s face, rather than her with a trainer. Ad A performed better, bringing in 11 times as many clicks as Ad B. 

We like to test 2 things at once – max. Testing too many elements muddles the results. Think of it as a science experiment: You have a control group that remains untouched (Ad A) and a test group that is altered (Ad B). If you test too many things at once, it’s difficult to tell which adjustment actually caused the change in performance.

There’s a lot more that goes into an effective  Facebook campaign, and it starts with A/B testing your ads. When done right, this kind of testing can bring in some serious results … up to 400 leads in 1 month.

If you’re not sure how to A/B test ads for your fitness studio, Fit FLAVER might be the answer. We’d love learn more about your studio and how we can help. Contact us to book a demo today!