7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Facebook Power Editor But Definitely Should

Facebook Power EditorHow many small businesses have a love-hate relationship with Facebook? We’d venture to say a ton. Although you might consider Facebook advertising a necessary evil, the key point here is that it’s necessary.

So why not make the most of it, learn all that you can, and really crush it! As a small business, Facebook advertising is an awesome way to get your brand out there, launch a killer campaign, and bring in new customers.

But unless you really know what you’re doing, it can be a monster. That’s the main reason people don’t invest in Facebook advertising. And if it’s lack of experience or knowledge that’s holding you back, then you’ve probably gotten lost in the Facebook Power Editor more than once (we’ve all been there before). First let’s break it down…

The Facebook Power Editor is a tool that allows you to create, analyze, and edit your campaigns, ad sets, and ads in one super convenient place.

Basically, the Power Editor is awesome if you really embrace it. That means taking the time to familiarize yourself, train, and optimize. Here are 7 things you didn’t know about the Facebook Power Editor but definitely should:

1 – Less Restrictive Text Limitations

Unlike the Ads Manager, Power Editor gives you more freedom when it comes to advertising. More specifically – you have drastically increased character limits. This is great for marketers because it allows you to tell your message easier and with more language.

2 – Full Access to Your Image Library

Power Editor makes it super convenient to store all of your pictures in one place. The Image Library gives you full access to images so that you can see see which ones you have at your disposal without needing to load them individually.

Facebook power editor

3 – Easily Export Reports

Facebook power editorUnlike the Ads Manager, Power Editor allows you to create reports for your campaigns.

You can even export them into an external program like Excel.

This is especially awesome if you want to send results to clients or someone else within your business.

4 – Check Ads Fluidly

Power Editor gives you must faster access to your ads. So if you have a campaign running with multiple ads, you can check which ad you want to look at and go right into it. It’s super simple, and doesn’t take you to a whole separate window like Ads Manager does. Power Editor is definitely the route to go in terms of user friendliness. This way, if you want to switch between ads, you can do it under one roof without clicking and leaving your page. It’s quick and convenient.

5 – Review Your Post Analytics

What’s really cool about Power Editor is that you not only get to see the results of your ads, but your Facebook posts as well. Under “Page Posts,” you can see the numbers of your status’ reach, engaged users, and people talking about this. Use this information to figure out what does and doesn’t work for your business on Facebook, and incorporate that material into your ads.

Facebook power editor

6 – Duplicate Ads Super Easily

Want to duplicate your ads without any hassle? Of course you do. Power Editor has a “Duplicate ad” option that allows you to either keep the same campaign, use existing, or create new. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

7 – Awesome Audience Settings

Facebook power editorIf you’re worried about the audience and niche you’ll be able to target in Power Editor – don’t be. You have all the same audience settings and options in Power Editor that you get from Ads Manager (custom, lookalike, saved target group).

So if you want to target people who have already engaged with your business, you can do that. Or you can start from scratch and create an audience based on specific age, behavior, interests, and so on. The goal is to choose an audience that loves what you do…

The Facebook Power Editor is an awesome tool when it comes to your campaigns, ad sets, and ads. But so many people get stuck in the Ads Manager and just stay there. Take your business’ Facebook experience one step further and hustle on over to the Power Editor. It’s easy to navigate, convenient, and gives you more freedom.

If you have any questions on Facebook advertising or how to use the Power Editor, let us know!

Robert Childers

Robert is Loud Rumor’s Facebook Advertising guru. He’s the king of Facebook campaigns, ads, and overall marketing. Two of his favorite things are getting conversions and… Chilis.