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How South Tampa Fit Got 62 New Fitness Members in 5 Weeks

How South Tampa Fit Got 62 New Fitness Members in 5 Weeks

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Michael Gianeskis (studio owner) made the decision to move his fitness business to a new location. After nearly hitting capacity with his fitness members, the facility had outgrown its original space.

So South Tampa Fit, a functional fitness and bootcamp-style training facility in south Florida, looked for a new location. But, what happened after they moved was completely unexpected…

“The business just tanked,” Michael says. “We just couldn’t find our stride and we were really struggling. It was to the point where we were really close to giving up. I knew I had to change a big, systematic thing.”

And that big change helped his studio get 62 new fitness members in just 5 weeks. Let’s dive in.

How South Tampa Fit Got More Fitness Members

When Michael initially reached out to my company Loud Rumor, we couldn’t wait to take South Tampa Fit to the next level. Within 24 hours of launching his advertising campaign, things were already changing in a big way.

“The leads just started coming in like crazy and then we were really good at closing them,” Michael says.

The first full day with us, the campaign brought in 40 new leads! These were prospective fitness members who redeemed South Tampa Fit’s offer. They saw an Ad, clicked to a Landing Page, and filled in their name, email, and phone number to come in for their first workout.

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Over the next few days, leads continued to pour in.

By the weekend, Michael’s team had so many new people wanting to come work out at his studio that he had to temporarily pause the campaign for a few days!

This way he was able to follow up with each prospective fitness member and give them the time and attention they deserved.

A Massive Number Of Prospective Fitness Members Opted In

At the end of South Tampa Fit’s first marketing month, 476 people redeemed a pass to work out at their studio through our Facebook campaign. 50 of those people purchased a membership.

“July, which is always one of our worst months, was the best month we’ve ever had at South Tampa Fit,” Michael says.

And the very next week, he signed up 12 more new members.

In just the first 5 weeks of advertising with Loud Rumor, South Tampa Fit signed 62 new members. That’s an average of 12 new, paying members every week.

This Went Beyond Revenue and New Fitness Members For South Tampa Fit

“Thanks to Loud Rumor’s campaign, the studio just feels different,” Michael says…

“It just energized me, it energized the trainers, and it energized the gym,” he says. “I have a ton of people in there now and all the classes are packed.”

The massive influx of new members has done more than just motivate the staff to work harder—it’s helped Michael buy his first home. On top of that…

There might be another real estate deal in his future!

“We’re looking at expanding our space and actually getting another location!” Michael says. “So it’s been really exciting around here.”

South Tampa Fit has taken a whirlwind journey from struggling and wondering how they’d keep their studio open… to bursting at its seams. And thanks to their new Ad campaign, the journey is far from over.

My team and I enjoy working with Michael and his team at South Tampa Fit. Plus, it’s exciting to watch his business take off! We know they’ll continue to accomplish great things.

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