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Unlocking limitless potential – More members, more money & more minutes, achieved by over 2,600 studios and gyms worldwide in the top 50 franchises & independent locations.

Watch The Impact
Watch The Impact
Sarena Montgomery Owner of Barre3 Knoxville

Growing your fitness studio faster than ever.

Unlock the full potential of your fitness studio.


Generate leads and grow membership with GSD Ads — the #1 advertising program for gyms and fitness studios — running on all platforms.

GSD 360

Maximize your gym or fitness studio’s potential with GSD 360: top resources, expert network, virtual portal, and 86% avg growth in 1st year.

GSD 360+

Best of both worlds — Maximize studio potential & generate leads with GSD 360+: top resources, expert network, virtual portal, 86% avg. growth, & GSD Ads.
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Professionals multiply.
Unlock the full potential of your fitness studio.

We believe most fitness studios and gyms are leaving too much opportunity on the table… daily.

Many think, “if I just had more leads, I’d have no problems.”  However, in 2015-2018 when the average gym paid 50 cents to $1 per lead through paid media, it didn’t make a difference.  The average gym today generates roughly the same amount of revenue as it did back then.

The ones that won then and now are the ones that understand how to multiply their members, as opposed to just adding new ones. Members in our program do just that.

Loud Rumor in a nutshell

How we help gyms & fitness studios worldwide.

Originally the top fitness marketing agency in the industry, we at Loud Rumor quickly expanded our services from just fitness advertising to consulting gyms and fitness studios as well. 

We knew the average gym needed more than just leads.  As we connected with the top fitness studios in the nation, we traveled to their locations (over 30 different states), and learned exactly what the top 5% in the industry were doing to be so much more successful than the average gym in the country.

After gathering all data, we noticed there were over 12 marketing channels (outside of digital) that gyms could use to generate significantly more opportunities each day.  We also learned how the best of the best were using specific processes to earn more gym sales, referrals, and upsells, all while drastically reducing their attrition.

In fact, the average gym in our 360+ program grew by over 86% within their first 12 months with us in 2022 by leveraging these strategies and tools.

Be a part of the strongest, most intelligent group of gym owners that think big, play big, and win big.

There’s a reason fitness studios all over the world love working with Loud Rumor. We offer a whole lot more than just fitness ad campaigns and fitness marketing funnels.


An in-depth training program designed to help gyms master every facet of their business: sales, people, money, strategy.

largest gym network

You’ll immediately plug into our community where you’ll connect with hundreds of successful studio owners and their staff.


Comprehensive marketing campaigns to help studios stand out in a competitive fitness market and get prospects interested.


An incredible fitness studio growth summit where you’ll hear from some of the most successful studio owners and entrepreneurs about how they scale their businesses.

Join the top 5% of gym owners from around the world

Set up a free strategy session today with one of our Fitness Marketing Performance Consultants.

Trusted by Thousands of Fitness Studio Owners
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“After talking with my head coach, I said, ‘I don’t want to give up, are we in this together?’ After that, we joined Loud Rumor and in just 4 months we saw an additional $15K added to our monthly revenue! A couple of years ago if I saw these numbers on my MindBody, my mind would be blown!”

Tri-fit Wellness

“What we really liked about working with Loud Rumor is that we have someone assigned to us, who got to know our culture, the types of scripts that work best for our brand. The biggest growth we’ve had hasn’t been from paid ads or anything we’ve done through marketing. It’s been referral asks and overcoming obstacles and sales training for my managers and teams.”

Iron Tribe Fitness
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