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150 Leads in 2 weeks
“We started out with barely being able to get 4 leads off of an opt-in page and after they helped us we got 150 leads within 2 weeks. It was amazing! I could barely pick up the phone calls and still haven’t gotten to every single one of these people.”
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28 leads in 5 hours
“We didn’t want to finish our first day because we got 28 leads in 5 hours. It’s good, but we weren’t ready for that. Until I saw what we needed to do after all these leads, it was kind of difficult to envision what needed to happen, but now we have a process for touching base with these people.”
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31 Leads in 24 Hours
“In the past 24 hours, we received 31 new leads, it’s been so exciting. Emails and text messages are blowing up the phones. If you’re hesitant, I would say definitely do it. It’s been such a great choice. The process has been so easy.”
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